UEMS PRM Section and Board General Assembly Russia, Saint Petersburg , 3 - 5 September 2015

Official LOC site: http://rehabrus.ru

Official LOC e-mail: uemsprmga2015@rehabrus.ru




Official hotels:

HQ Hotel – Angleterre- 5*

Petro Palace


Booking deadline: 31/07/2015


Reservations available at special prices in the Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel to 23.7, in Petro Palace Hotel and Angleterre Hotel to 31.07.

Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel: UEMS PRM Section and Board General Assembly

Petro Palace Hotel: Petro Palace Hotel Reservation Form ENG

Angleterre Hotel: Indiv pick up form EN


Visa and travelling to Russia:

Support: by delegates request to official hotels

PLEASE NOTE:  is necessary to provide the scan of your travelling document.

PLEASE NOTE: That in Russian Consulates the participants get a Touristic Russian visa (and not business- because it is European event).

European countries with Visa exception to Russia: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belorussia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Montenegro


Ministry of Foreign Affair info site: http://www.mid.ru/zu_r.nsf/strawebeng



International airport: Pulkovo - http://www.pulkovoairport.ru/en/

International ferryboat lines from Baltic coutries

Railway stations and gars: Moskovskii, Finliandski, Baltiiski, Ladozhski, Vitiabkii

Urban transport: subway, buses, trolley, taxi


ExBo Transfer Airport-HQ Hotel-Airport: By transfer

Delegates’ transportation to official hotels: only on request to LOC (extra) (in Pulkovo airport at UEMS PRM GA meeting-point). The map of meeting point will be placed on LOC web-site until the 15.08.2015.

Prices list:

Airport- Hotel - 900-1000 rubl. (aprox. 16-17 Eur.)

Hotel- Airport - 800-950 rubl. (aprox. 15-16 Eur.)




Official currency: 1 Euro= 61-64 Rubles

Weather in September: +8+16C


General Assembly Venue- Anna Pavlova Hall:

HQ Hotel- Angleterre- http://www.hotelangleterre.ru/


Angleterre Hotel
St. Isaac's Square
Ul. Malaya Morskaya 24
St Petersburg
190000 - Russia

+7 812 494 5666


Official social and cultural program (tours and social events):

2/09/2015 (2PM) - Hermitage visit (time on confirmation)- EXTRA - 700 rubl/pax (12 Eur.)
3/09/2015 (7PM) - The Russian Museum visit
4/09/2015 (8PM) - Gala dinner (dress code- evening attire)
5/09/2015 (2PM) - Petergoff Palace and Garden visit by the boat -EXTRA- on confirmation - aprox. 2500 rubl/pax (40 Eur.)


Dead line for the Petergoff excurssion booking is 17/08/2015, confirmation procedure by LOC e-mail with mention of the names and tickets number. 


Please NOTE:That for EXTRA of cultural program the participants need to provide the information to the LOC until the 17/08/2015 (dead line).


As also, all delegates can request the services in official hotel lobbies, reception.


LOC contacts:

-Robert Popov- popov@knvs.ru  +79036815883 – general info

-Tatiana Vassilieva - vasileva-icrk@mail.ru – general and logistic info


For LOC and us is important to have information about the registration and list of delegates and accompanied persons, delegates and Executive board arrival and departures.


Best regards,

Galina Ivanova

Robert Popov 


Organizing plan and schedule proposal of

of European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and of General Assembly of European Society of  Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine


St. Petersburg, 2-5/09/2015


Executive Board- ExCom

Head Quarter – HQ

LOC- Local Organizers

Delegates registration: in HQ Hotel - Angleterre

2/09/2015 from 12:00 until 18:00

3/09/2015 from 9:00-12:00


2/09/2015 (Wednesday)



ExCom and Delegates arrival


Pulkovo-HQ Hotel


ESPRM ExCom meeting



Social program -Hermitage visit offered by LOC





3/09/2015 (Thursday)



ESPRM General Assembly

HQ Hotel- Anna Pavlova


Coffee break



ExCom Lunch

HQ Hotel


UEMS General Assembly

HQ Hotel- Anna Pavlova Hall

(80-100 pax)


Coffee break




Room 2


The Russian Museum visit

On confirmation




4/09/2015 (Friday)



ESPRM and UEMS Sections

HQ Hotel-  3 different Halls (№ 1, №2, №3) (20-30 pax each)


Coffee break


12:00- 13:00


HQ Hotel


Coffee break



ESPRM, UEMS and ARUR Gala Dinner

Dress code: Evening Attire

Shoes: comfortable

UEMS and ARUR agreement assignment

Restaurant “Gymnasia”

Konnogvardeiskii bulv., 21




5/09/2015 (Saturday)



UEMS General Assembly


HQ Hotel- Anna Pavlova Hall


Closing ceremony






Petergof Palace visit





5/09/2015 and 6/09/2015


Delegates and ExCom Departures


Адрес: 117198, Москва, ул. Островитянова, д.9, корпус 4

Телефон: + 7 (915) 005-55-67

e-mail: info@rehabrus.ru

Время работы: с 9:00 — 18:00, перерыв с 13:00 — 14:00

Выходные: суббота, воскресение.